Below is the 2022 Retreat Schedule held September 23rd-25th, 2022.

The Schedule for the 32nd Annual Retreat in 2022 (Moderator will be again, Dermot Smyth) will follow the same format as last year-exception will be the talk subjects and speakers for the Retreat.

AGAIN NOTE: 2022 Retreat is September 23, 24, and 25;

Our 2022 Theme: “Be Doers of the Word and not hearers only”


2022 Manhattan College Businessmen’s Retreat

Retreat Theme is : “Be Doers of the Word and not hearers only” James 1:22-25



4:00-6:00 PM           Registration

6:00 PM                   Dinner – Dining Room (basement)

7:15 PM                   Welcome & Introductions, Conf Room 3rd fl

7:30 PM                   Witness talk:

Fr. Emiel Abalahin, O. Carm., Priest In Residence St. Simon Stock/St. Joseph Bronx, NY.

Talk Theme: Our Story – A Continuation of God’s Story of Salvation

8:30 PM               Discussion Groups – various rooms

9:45 PM               Night Prayer – LOH / (TBD)

10:15 PM                    Snacks


7:30 AM                 Morning Prayer – LOH (TBD)

8:00 AM                 Breakfast – Dining Room (basement)

9:00 AM                 Witness talk: Conf Room 3rd fl

Sr. Patricia McCarthy, Congregation of Notre Dame Sisters

Talk Theme: Keep On Keeping On: Act in Jesus All the Days of Your Life

10:00 AM               Discussion Groups – various rooms

11:00 AM               Scriptural Rosary (TBD)

11:30 AM                    Group Picture (TBD)

12:00 PM               Lunch – Dining Room (basement)

1:00-2:30 PM         Reconciliation

2:30 PM                 Witness talk (Conf Room 3rd fl)

Fr. Randy Soto, Spiritual Director and Professor of Sacred Theology, St. Joseph Seminary, Dunwoodie , NY.

Talk Theme: Mary, Model of The Doers of the Word

3:30 PM                 Discussion Groups

4:30 PM                 Personal Time

5:00 PM                 Mass/Anointing (Main Chapel)

6:00 PM                 Dinner – Dining Room (basement)

7:15 PM                 Witness talk: (Conf Room 3rd fl)

Anthony Vuong, D.D.S. , Confirmation Catechist, St. Joseph Church, Palisade West New York, NJ.

Talk Theme: Doer of the Word: Accepting and Acting on God’s Word

8:15 PM                 Discussion Groups

9:30 PM                 Night Prayer – LOH (TBD)

10:00 PM                    Snacks


7:30 AM                Morning Prayer – LOH (TBD)

8:00 AM                Breakfast – Dining Room (basement)

8:50 AM                Witness talk: Conf Room 3rd fl

Chris DalCeredo, St. Patrick Parish Parishioner, Bible Study groups,  presenter in Worldwide Marriage Encounter and Cursillo

Talk Theme: Stay on the Path: Being A Doer of the Word in Everyday Life

9:50 AM              Group Discussion /Feedback – Conf Room 3rd fl

11:00 AM              Closing Mass (Main Chapel)


Preparing for a retreat for participants:

When getting ready to have a retreat, one must act/prepare shortly before traveling to the Retreat house retreat to get the most out of this special time with God and break from the day-to-day grind of our temporal life and spend dedicated time listening to Him.

Often, the most challenging aspect of these retreats relates to our ability to really break away from the routine of noise and busy-ness and to quiet our minds enough to hear God’s “still small voice” with any measure of clarity. So, often, a good preparation is simply making the commitment to set aside all the cares of the world for a while. Please keep in mind these suggestions to prepare spiritually and physically.

1)   Begin a prayer by asking for God’s assistance.  St. Paul says: “The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans” (Rom 8:26-27).

2)   Silence external noises. We need to silence the external noises, find a quiet place with little to no distractions, preferably a place of solitude where one can be alone with God. The location should be comfortable and free from distraction during the virtual retreat schedule time frame.

3)   Silence internal noises. Reading a short passage from Scripture, the daily missal readings or saying a special prayer of meaning to you. These readings/prayers take our concentration from the world and reorient our mind to be sensitive to our being and living in the present moment and should be done prior to coming to the Retreat.

4)   Silence our heart and soul. Using Scripture as a tool to listen with the ears of our hearts is one of the most powerful tools available. We are not silent for the sake of silence, but it is a means by which we can encounter and experience a real, personal and all loving God.

5)   Encounter God. In the end, it is not the destiny of the process or the fruits of prayer or whether it was a productive time that matters.  It is the fact that we spent time with God, it is about the encounter. We need to pray with our whole being — the body, intellect, memory, imagination, emotions, heart, and soul ­— not just with our mouth, mind or heart.

Finally, and most importantly, relax. Bring yourself to God with love and openness. Trust him to give you whatever you need in the retreat. Trust that if it should be a dry period, that He will work in it. If it should be a delightful time of consolation and peace, the praise be to him in his great mercy. Don’t construct in your mind what He can, will, or should do for you during this time. Just rest in Him, turn your heart to him, follow Him and listen carefully and peacefully. Regardless of what you hear or don’t hear, experience or don’t experience, keep your spiritual eyes (heart, mind and soul) on Him.

Now you’re ready to share in fellowship with your colleagues, be strengthen by the talks given by our wonderful speakers, sharing together our reflections of our Annual Retreat theme.