ZOOM Instruction for first time Users-click on any of the below links to view helpful videos on how to start and join a zoom conference meeting.

Best how-to-video:

Instruction from Zoom:

Further visual how-to join a zoom meeting:


Saturday Morning 9/26/2020 begins the Virtual Mini-Retreat.  Below are instructions which will help you enter the Retreat successfully.  Please read carefully and contact Dermot Smyth if you have any trouble.

The Retreat begins promptly -Please log on a few minutes early. Please use the same email address you used to register.

Upon entering the site, you will be placed into a waiting room until admitted into the meeting by the host. Please keep your microphone muted.  For the purpose of the main meeting, during the speakers talk and before the breakout groups, please turn off your microphone. While in the breakout group and when prompted by the Moderator in General Session you should unmute when you want to speak otherwise stay muted.

The Zoom coordinator will open the breakout session after the Speakers talk and you will automatically enter your group. No need to do anything. After the group is over you can “leave” the meeting. There will be a brief Q&A session after each talk and advise you may enter your questions in the “Chat” room.

Here is some log in instructions:

There will be the link to the Retreat via email for all Registrants. Click this link or paste it into “Join” Zoom Meeting. Please note that no password or meeting ID is needed to enter our Retreat because it is already in the link; but it will be provided as well for reference in case the Zoom App prompts you for it.

Click on the link using your device or PC.  Depending on whether you have a Zoom account or have loaded the Zoom app or neither of these things, you may see various responses after you click on the meeting link as follows:

You may see a Zoom screen which asks you to click on “open” at the top of your screen or a link to launch the meeting in the middle of the screen.  After you do this you will either be sent directly to the meeting or be asked to “join” the meeting.

If you go directly into the meeting you will be asked to select your video and audio settings.  Then you will be placed in the waiting room until you are brought into the meeting.

If you are asked to Join a meeting and to enter the meeting ID, paste in the meeting link and it will take you into the meeting and ask for your audio and  video settings as above

If you are asked to set up a Zoom account, please follow the instructions.  You will sign up for a free account at signup. You will be asked for your email (PLEASE use the same email address you have given to us to register) and some other info.  You will then get a confirmation email which will take you back to Zoom to activate your account. You enter your username: which is your email, and a password of your choice. Click sign in and then join the meeting and paste in the link as above.  Note: you will only have to do the setup of an account one time. Again, on the day of the Retreat use the same email address!

This all sounds more complicated than it is. Zoom is very intuitive, and you will be guided through the steps.

Contact Dermot Smyth if you are unsure or experiencing any difficulty-the Retreat Team strives to make things easy for you to join us!